With a trolley train snaking
along its steeply gouged out walls,
the Kurobe Gorge is a spectacle of nature
that charms the hearts of all who visit it.

The Trolley that Journeys Deep into the Heart of Nature

The torokko trolley train that moves along the Kurobe Gorge Railway was originally built to shuttle workers to construction sites for the various dams located throughout the Gorge. It runs for about an hour and 20 minutes one way from Unazuki Station to its terminal point, Keyakidaira Station. The route is packed with beautiful views of the Gorge.(photo1)

A Waking Gorge among the Fresh Green Leaves of Spring

As the snow and ice among the mountains melt and give way to budding life, the Gorge is vigorously cleaned out by the melted snow as a late spring arrives. The contrast of white snow with fresh, green plants make spring a beautiful season in the Gorge.(photo2)

Forget the Heat with Summer in the Gorge

While the lower lands swelter in the heat of summer, a pleasant breeze blows through the Kurobe Gorge making it another world altogether. The favorable weather makes summer a great time to enjoy mountain climbing and hiking in the Gorge.(photo3)

Mountains Painted with the Colors of Autumn Leaves

The brilliant colors of autumn leaves spread down from the upper streams of the Kurobe River down through the Gorge. Starting in late October, these leaves are visible in the Gorge until roughly mid-November. This lengthy period is characteristic of the Kurobe Gorge.(photo4)

The Hot Springs and Scenic Points of the Kurobe Gorge

Along the torokko trolley’s railway, there are a number of notable hot springs, including Kuronagi Hot Spring, Kanetsuri Hot Spring, Keyakidaira Hot Spring and Meiken Hot Spring. Around Keyakidaira there are also a number of scenic points such as the Sarutobi Ravine and the “Man-eating Rock.” (photo5)