Kurobe City is the area, spreading the wide variety of nature such as mountains, gorge plains and sea, approximately 3000m in elevation difference.

The four seasons are very clearly defined and you can find fascinating landscape with the seasons; blooming cherry blossom in the spring, green and limpid streams in the summer, the color of autumn leaves in the fall and deep snow in the winter.

There are lots of sightseeing spots; “Kurobe Gorge”, you can take the torokko trolley, “Unazuki Hot Springs”, with full of the warmth of natural hot springs, and “Shozu-no-Sato”, a place where pure water spouts from the ground.

Kurobe city is located in the eastern section of Toyama Prefecture, in the Hokuriku District.

At Toyama Airport there are not only domestic flights, but also regular international flights bound for Seoul, Vladivostok, Dalian and Shanghai.